Surely goodness and Mercy will follow you!

Amen! Surely Goodness and Mercy Will follow me all the days of my life! Last night as I was caring for my son Bryan, thanking God for His grace at a moment when my mind was wondering away to the place where I think I’m tired and why isn’t God healing Bryan, I suddenly heard, “Surely goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life!” Psalm 23:6

Blog of prophetic art paintings and inspirational stories by Pam Herrick, artist at Just For You Prophetic Art.


Our God is an Awesome God!

I am posting Bryan’s painting, that I painted with love for him years ago! It’s title is Horse Of Hope. I am sharing to remember why I painted it in the first place! To be brave, to have courage, to hope and look forward! God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!

The Lord is A Strong Tower!

You know sometimes, life is just Rough! I haven’t had a bad day, or week, I’ve had a bad couple years. A bad decade actually, lol. I’ts been hard. Truly God has carried me. You have no idea how true! You know, my spirit can do this, my body has just become so tired. Ands it’s my own fault for not taking care of myself.

Lord save me

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Don’t give up! I want to tell you a story about not giving up. Today is Bryan’s Birthday. Those that follow us know Bryan is bedridden from being hit by two cars while walking. He is a step above Semi-comatose, he sleeps, wakes, sighs and moans when he doesn’t like something, like cleaning his nose, his least favorite thing.

Be Strong and Courageous!

I know life is hard sometimes. It overwhelms us. But our life is precious. It is the cares of the world and the attacks of the enemy that cause our feet to slip. God directs us to be strong and courageous. To the point, of, “having done all to stand.”


Path of Hope

Thy Word is lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119: 105. Sometimes in life we may feel lost. Tears as I first started to write this post. I can relate. We do our best, we build our life, but the cares of the world can sweep us away and we lose our firm footing, our peace of mind. Life can be hard sometimes. The reason for my tears, try as you might, we just lose sight sometimes of the prize and the real reason for living.

There is power in your praise!

Our praise releases power here in our earthly realm. There is something so pure in the trust of turning to our Lord in our times of trouble. We are acknowledging Him and His power to change our circumstances. Even when our praise amounts to just wanting to crumble in the arms of Jesus, we are acknowledging our trust in Him. 

Pray Big!

Pray Big! Ever think all you have now is fruit of your prayers? Every victory from a prayer whispered? By pray big, I don’t mean harder, I mean think big! What do you need? A better marriage, a kinder spouse, more peace?

Prophetic Art uplifts our heart! 

Prophetic Art uplifts our heart because it speaks God’s peace and hope to us. Like this painting of the Holy Spirit Symbol of a Dove surrounding and protecting our heart. Each person that sees it, God will talk to them through that piece of Art. 

You are a Materpiece!

This is my beloved Bryan, my reason to choose better health. What’s yours? You are a masterpiece! Maybe you forgot that. God woke me up the other night with this idea, WRITE A LOVE LETTER TO YOURSELF FROM GOD. Seriously! I had been praying about what to share to help those I invited on this journey with me to lose weight and better health.

The Best Experience Ever

Blog of prophetic art paintings and inspirational stories by Pam Herrick, artist at Just For You Prophetic Art.
Pam Herrick
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