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“Land of Can!” How do you like my first computer graphics? My painting is in the background and I drew a butterfly with swirlies over it with my finger. It was fun! Would you like to join me to share your butterfly Art? You can share any Art but butterflies are in the spotlight. Lovers of Art can share their favorite photos or join in the comments, too, @ www.pamherrick.com/prophetic-art-inspirations.html I would be so honored to have you visit. I created this interactive comments section so Artist could share their work to get more exposure for their Art. We are sharing God’s love, so the more your Art is seen, the more it is a blessing! We can also get and give inspiration. As I learn, I am going to share it with you. Remember, I had not painted in almost 30 years so there is a lot I have to learn! I will be sharing cool video tutorials as I come across them, and I may even make one of my own, to show how to paint with my loose flowing style if you are interested. I would be so honored to have you learn with me and teach me as well.

Through Prophetic Art, we are sharing God’s Love! Your Art says something! Those of you that have not painted in a long time, I pray you let it wake up! Let us hear your voice. I am encouraging Artist, but did you know the lovers of Art share your story, too? They feel it and are blessed with seeds of hope and inspiration! God pulls up beauty from inside their soul that pours out into their lives touching others with living water. We help dig wells. Yes, Art is that powerful. And, you don’t have to be a professional to share it! Just paint what you feel. Start there. I hope you will be brave enough to share your work and grow with me! We have a story to tell! Our Art says, LOVE!

My painting of a landscape I did for my husband is in the background of this painting. I have not had time to paint lately but still felt a need to create so I took that painting and played with it adding a butterfly over it. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun and I liked the end result. I hope to be able to paint more soon, and I hope you will join me, too! I bought a bunch of colored gel ink, sharpies, dry erase and alcohol as I heard the other day, you can draw on plain tile or a t-shirt with sharpie (dry erase also stains clothes and is cheaper so I got some of them to see if it would work.) and after you draw on it, you drop alcohol on it with a dropper and it makes neat tie dye effect. I hope to practice that this week with some old T-shirts! I will post the experiments when done! If I am successful, I will share what I learned!

Any cool ideas you want to share, come on over! I would love to have you visit! Please let your friends know they can share their Art here. I would love for you to join me! It does not have to be paintings, it can be drawings, crochet, journals, pottery, photography, etc. And : ) You can share your testimony, Art and story! Let your light shine!

Thank you so much! God bless you!


Update on health of Bryan and My other son, Michael Brent (who just blacked out and crashed into a fence days ago). Thank you for your Birthday wishes for them. I put chocolate icing from Bryan’s Birthday cake on his tongue. He really liked it! He can not eat real food, but can taste it. I purée real food and feed him in his feeding tube. He is healthy but has circulation issues that cause his skin graft and incisions to keep getting sores. And he has cellulitis from the surgery putting his skull cap back on. It just won’t go away. Please pray it does. This picture is of Bryan and our kitty “Marbles” who loves to sleep with him. Patches are on because Bryan is sleeping and he often sleeps with his eyes partly open so I have to patch them.

Months ago, God healed filaments off his eyes that he had had for over 5 years. In case you missed that post. I was crying one day, because those things cause him pain and have to be scraped off when they form. I asked God, would He please as a sign that He is going to heal all of Bryan, to heal his eyes for me as his Mom, to have mercy and understand I could just not bear this anymore. HE HEALED THEM! Understand that he had had them for years. This was a miracle in my book. I had told God I would tell everyone, but when the filaments were gone, I waited to make sure they did not come back and then I got nervous to share, I don’t know why. Thinking I would be discouraged or embarrassed if they came back. After not sharing like I told God I would, they came back. I asked God to forgive me for not doing as I said I would and to please heal them again and I would tell everyone. He had mercy and healed them. I told everyone in a post, and they have not been back since!

I think there is a season his healing is destined for. For a reason. I certainly believe he will be healed. He also had sores on his big toes that were not healing. I nursed on them for years now and again about a month ago, I cried and told God, please, heal his toes! I can not bare this anymore. The Dr. wanted to remove his toenails. I did not want to. I asked God to heal them like he healed his eyes. I have pictures in the comments to show the before and after! Praise God, they are healed! The cellulitis can go, too! Please pray the wounds and cellulitis go away, too. And then the ultimate, his brain has total healing! I believe this is going to happen in God’s timing. You don’t know how many times I have prayed and asked Jesus to remind God how Mary asked Jesus to turn the water into wine before it’s time. I think that is why God had mercy and healed Bryan’s eyes and toes! Thank you for all your prayers for him all these years! His healing is coming! Already paid for, but manifesting in portions! Your prayers have so encouraged my family and given hope and strength in some very hard times.

My other son, Michael Brent, is OK after his accident. They did not find anything wrong in the ER. He had a concussion and his neck and head hurt. He was wearing a heart monitor at home which he just got off today. We are waiting on results of test to see why he blacked out. I think Angels guided his car when he crashed, because he hit an eight foot fence that slowed his crash post by post, instead of slamming into a building or another car. I am so thankful he is OK. I can not bare another son injured in a car accident. We still need answers as to why he blacked out, so please keep him in your prayers. He had the crash on his Birthday, poor thing. Bryan’s Birthday was the 28th and Michael Brent’s was the 30th. So proud of both of them and my daughter Stacey. My priceless treasures!

Once again, I find myself without enough help with Bryan and ask for prayer that I find some. One of Bryan’s caretakers, Ruth, had a stoke. Please pray for her. She is not sure when she will be able to come back. I need help in the meanwhile. I have not been able to paint lately or write. I hope to soon. We really miss Ruth. She is so loving to Bryan. Please pray for a speedy recovery for her.

Other than the healings needed around here, we are all good! I am still waiting results from my stress test for my heart. I have had swelling and some chest pain and other heart related symptoms. It may just be exhaustion. Trying to reduce my stress and trust God. I am a good soldier and confessing the word over all of us, but sometimes, we just need to lean a little on each other. I thank you for being there for us and helping us through these hard times. I pray for each of you as well for all your needs to be met and that you know the peace of our Lord Jesus.

Here is a link to part one of Bryan’s stories if you have not seen them. Just click read more on the Lion post for part one, more stories on other pics in it’s comments. Feel free to share if you know someone who would be blessed. Thank you so much! God bless you!

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