PART 52: Endless Possibilities! Bryan’s Birthday is July 28th! I am thankful to God for his beautiful life! Our life is a gift and has endless possibilities. God’s love is as faithful as the rising of the sun! You might have thought you were going on a different path than you ended up on, but I can testify, God will use you on the path you are on. This is not where I thought I was going to be, and it is not where Bryan thought he was going to be, but God still uses us and I am thankful Bryan is here to celebrate another Birthday! Amen! Life is good. I can say that after all I have been through, because it is true. Life is good, with endless possibilities. Painting in Bryan’s honor comforts me as his Mother. Just knowing I am helping to go on with the plans God put in his heart. I know trauma. I know God heals it. I know He gives hope. It is more than praising Him in the storm, it is knowing His love in the storm with the confidence it is going to be OK! Just keep going and looking to Him. Cry when you need to and ask for His comfort. A relationship with God does not mean you will never experience pain. It means you have Him there to comfort you through it when you do have pain. And you have His strength to lean on. Even when you make mistakes… don’t worry, He is right there. Nothing can separate you from the Love of God.

Bryan came to know this. He knew Jesus as his friend and was so glad to know Jesus did not abandon him when he made bad choices. He testified if you messed up plan A for your life, God had a plan B, and C and D and all the way to Z and He would start over if He needed. The plan is His unfailing love to see you through to the end. To bless your life. To have you learn of His love so deeply, you can not help but let it flow out of your own life to others. You end up with a testimony down in your bones of knowing that you know, that you know, that you know, His love and what God has done for you! And you testify! And your testimony is anointed!  God will use it to touch a heart in the deepest way. It is the most amazing thing! God can take one testimony and speak to 100 people in a hundred different ways, all because He knows you and wants to love and encourage you! 

Back to endless possibilities. I know life throws us curve balls. I do, trust me. But life is still good. It all comes down to living from the inside out. You know, we don’t have to let the world frantic our mind. We can tell our mind how to react. YOU can choose how to react. Always. I am not talking about rolling with the punches if you are in an abusive relationship or something. Get help. I am talking for the crazy things life throws at us, we don’t have to take the stress of it. We do have a Prince of Peace. This is not a thing you learn one day and then go, “Oh, I’ve got it.” It is a daily choice to live from the inside out. You were created to live life, to see and enjoy it and be thankful. The devil would throw distractions by the tons to keep you from enjoying it. Train your mind to ignore them and to see the life God gave you. If your son was hit by a car…. guess what, Life is still good and precious and people are precious. Flowers are still lovely to smell and food still taste good. God gives us little treasures that are our life. We can’t live if we are looking at the sadness or the problem. 

Dream with God. Any Anger you have…. just tell Him and ask Him to help you deal with it. That is a crazy battle I hate. I absolutely hate! When I was mad at my husband for not being there when I needed him after Bryan’s accident, I did not get rid of that anger in a flash. i do think God can do that. I know He can. But in my case, He let me go on a journey of forgiveness. One I confessed I was on, but one my heart did not match up with my mouth right away. But I said it just the same and went on that journey one prayer at a time. I knew I could not give into the anger because I would be bitter and I did not know if I knew how to find my way back from bitter. I had had enough things go terribly wrong in my life they would likely all pile up together and kill me. Kill my soul. Kill this little light of mine I was so determined to let shine. Seeds of the Holy Ghost down in my heart as a child. I did not want to lose that peace and glorious light. In all honesty, I know He would have delivered me from that place, but on my darkest nights, it was a lonely path I did not want to go on. I could not let my heart go there. So I kept praying for God to help me with my anger. You know what, I still pray the prayer when the enemy brings to my remembrance something that really upset me. Some people say if you have forgive you forget. Hog wash. Praise the Lord if that works for them, but is sure is not the case for me. I have lots of wrongs in my life the devil loves to remind me of and my battle strategy is to look all the harder at the blessings and ask God to help me with what I am upset about. The more the battle, the more I lean into God. One day maybe the enemy will realize it only puts me deeper in God the more he attacks. This is your safe place my beloved friends. Taking everything to God. Everything. Your own self doubts even. You feeling like He could not love you. Maybe you think you have made too many mistakes? Take everything to Him and tell Him you are mad, discouraged, don’t know how to forgive, don’t want to forgive, want to bonk your neighbor over the head! You get it….. we are real people with real moods and the enemy targets us there. Just keep taking all your troubles to the Lord and asking Him to help you live life. Ask Him to remind you to take the time to look at the trees and the skies and into the eye of your loved ones. SEE them. Especially your kids, SEE them. 

My loneliest nights were in the first couple years of Bryan’s accident. I was so hurt my husband was not there. My hurt turned into anger. Then I don’t know what I would call what it turned into, other than I found myself in a desert not knowing how to get out of it. I was mad. I had a right to be. I am not justifying my thoughts. it was just fact, I had a right to be.  But it paralyzed me. My heart was so heavy. God gave me grace to still praise Him. He gave me grace to take care of Bryan all the unimaginable hours that it took without help. My daughter helped what she could, but it only let me sleep around 3 solid hours… almost solid. I slept on the couch beside Bryan’s bed, which was in the living room, while my grand kids got ready for school in the morning. But still, It was at least a chunk of sleep! I have stayed up all night through the wee hours into the morning for over 6 years now. I enjoy the quiet now. Back then, I was in the desert, in the dark, and often felt all alone. I cried when I needed to. Mostly I tried not to, because it hurt so bad. I knew once I started, I would feel my heart break. Two big guns aimed at me. My Son wounded in his bed and my husband not there to help or comfort me. I began to hate him. That is a horrible, horrible word and emotion. I believe our enemy is not flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. Words spoken that hurt, they don’t often even know they did that. But as much as I know this, it was hard to love my husband anymore. I think I need to tell more of that story to help those that are trying to live through the healing of a relationship. For now, i will tell you. The only thing that worked for me, was to keep asking God to help me. I told Him I was sorry for feeling this horrible nasty way, but I could not help it. I told Him this over and over instead of dwelling on the pain and feeding it and making it bigger than I could have ever handled, I just told God how much it hurt me and asked Him to heal me and help me love. As I said, I still pray this prayer over all my hurts. Hurts are real. We need to do something with them right away and continually so they don’t poison you like the enemy intends. Take them all to God, over and over, every day, every minute if you have to. His peace will begin to cover that hurt and heal it. It will. I can testify to that. Does not mean it will never come back up again, the hurt, but we can give it right back to God again. He is our Deliverer. Yes?! He is our Peace! He is our friend. He knows all the struggles you are going through. It is not like you have to pretend you are not that mad or don’t have that nasty mean thought in your head. He knows. He loves you and is not shocked about it. He will help you get rid of it and give peace in it’s place. 

Real life has real problems. I have friends who have had strokes, just now even. Friends who have cancer. Friends who lost their jobs. Friends who have kids they worry about. Life is really hard sometimes, but is is always beautiful. I can not live if I look at my problems. I would die inside. I look at love and live from His love on the inside. And when I forget this, I get very stressed and tired. Every single day we get to choose how we live. We are not alone. Sometimes, I take just a minute to look at the leaves on the trees and know, there is God. I hear the birds and I hear His love. I see a person struggling, especially with cancer, and I get so mad at the enemy and the sickness in the world, but know it is still a good world. I pray for healing for all the pain I see. I have great hope in that even if the healing I prayed for does not manifest, God is still there and the bad thing is not of Him. We live in a fallen world where we do have sickness and troubles. One day…. we will not. In Heaven, there will be no more pain or tears or suffering. While we are here on Earth, there will be. But life is still good and beautiful. To look at the goodness and beauty on purpose, will bless your soul. I know this. I see all the endless possibilities. For my life. For Bryan’s. For my Family. For my friends. For the Church. For all the plans the enemy tried to ruin, it is never too late! The possibilities are endless. Your life has endless good things meant for it. I don’t care what the enemy tried to do to derail you. God will make it right. 

I hope this story helps someone. Keep giving ALL your troubles, doubts, fears, plans, anger, hopes, dreams to the  Lord. Share your whole life with Him. He wants you to and He wants to help you with it. My favorite prayer ever is this, “Lord, help me with my life.” I pray it all the time. Especially when I start to feel sad, mad and overwhelmed. Hang in there! Help is not only coming, He is already there!

I hope to  write more soon. I have not had much time to write or paint until just recently. I got a couple paintings done. Unfortunately, as soon as I had time, one of Bryan’s caretakers had a stroke. It may be a little while until I can paint and write again as much as I would like to. In the meanwhile, thank you for praying for us for the help we need and for his caretakers health as well. Looking back over my Art album and Art page on Facebook, I have to say I am amazed at all I did get done! I thank the Lord He helped me to do all that! My most recent painting is titled Songs Of Deliverance and is one of my most favorite pieces ever! It is at bottom of page. Anywhere you see me mentioning my name and Prophetic Artist, it is not because I am bragging. It is because it will help me raise money for missions because it will cause my name and Art to comes up in google searches. So Thank you for understanding that. I am just thankful to paint and share God’s love. I would never want to seem like I was bragging about it! 

God bless you! Thank you so much for your love and prayers for us. If you want to follow us on facebook and read more of Bryan’s stories, older ones are on this Lion post. Part one, my testimony and what happened to Bryan is on the lion and more stories on other pics. To be notified of when I share new art or stories, click the like button on my page and then from that same button, select get notifications. Facebook only circulates to a small percent so doing this ensures you see future post. This week as I celebrate Bryan’s Birthday, all items in store are on sale for 20% off. code is GodBlessBryan and on His Birthday, July 28th, the print, “He Is Mighty To Save”, is 50% off July 27/28, coupon code is HappyBirthdayBryan. I just wanted to celebrate his birthday with you! Here is the link to his stories on Facebook. Thanks for looking! God bless you!

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PART 46: Precious Tears.

PART 46: “Precious Tears”. Our tears, it is said, God collects in a bottle. His bottle. He feels every ounce of our pain. Every hurt matters. Every hurt, hurts. Our tears help us to release that pain, but knowing someone cares about them is a comfort in itself. Not one tear is wasted that God will not wipe away in the end. I painted this painting for the earthquake victims in Nepal and the surrounding area, and the other events around the world. I would call all this great tribulation. There is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Whatever situation of pain you might find yourself in. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even in death, beloved, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there. Let your tears roll and fall into his Love. He cares. He sees every one. I pray His comfort comes to you to the place the tears fell from, and that He brings His calm, His hope, His peace and ultimately even His joy there.

I can remember so many things that caused pain when I was a child growing up, being a teen around drugs, being a young wife of an alcoholic husband, being a mom of teens, being a daughter of an alcoholic and drug addict. Many prayers and tears. The Lord never forsaked me, and He will never forsake you. I was thinking this morning as I was hugging Bryan and telling him how much I loved him, about when he was a little boy and his natural father and I shared custody. For a brief moment when I kissed him, I saw the same cute little freckly nose I used to see when he was a kid. God How I loved to kiss that little nose. Melts my heart. For all the moms and dads out there that have to share custody, my heart goes out to you. That is a big pain to be separated from your kid, especially when they live hours and hours away. A tear is always there, right on the edge ready to fall out when I think on those days. There are many days we can think on of the sadness we went through, but we can see the light was there all along in that dark tunnel. We can see His faithfulness in His grace to help us. So when we face new pains, we can remember what He got us through. 

We can find great hope in others telling their story of what God got them through. The power of the testimony. Dear Lord, my heart breaks for all the pain I see in the world. It gives me comfort to know You feel our pain, that you are saving every tear. Until the day we are in Heaven and you wipe every one away, thank you that you send comfort through your Holy Spirit to our very heart. Help us to be a hero when we need to be and help us cry when we need to cry. 

I have needed to cry with all that has gone on lately. The Bible said there would be dark days but that He would raise up a standard. That standard is us. Opening our hearts to His great love and light. Let us cry our tears, and let His braveness enter, and then the places of beauty we have found there, let us shine that. Let us tell that. Let us love. If you catch yourself putting your brother down, go back to the Love chapter and see how God would want your speech and heart to be. We have to shine. We have to love. We have to be the standard God is raising up. Who is going to show light in this darkness? YOU, children of God. We must stop hurting each other and humble ourselves and pray. Hearts have to be what is important. We need to weep with those that weep and mourn with those that mourn and rejoice with those that rejoice. We do not need to tear anyone down because they see things a little different. Holy Ghost is teaching us all. If we see a grave error, we can talk in love, and we can do it in a private message, not in open arguments on Facebook. Where is God’s glory in that? Where is His Kingdom here on earth? It is not in that. 

I have seen denominations tear down walls and remember to love. I have also seen them tear people down instead with the need to change another’s point of view to theirs. The Bible says LOVE. When Bryan first got into his accident, and to this day, people of all denominations are praying for him. It was and is a beautiful thing. I see God in every last one of them. I see His love. And I see gracious words between them on my page. I am thankful for the love and prayers. Love is extended. I don’t think anyone knows what my religion is. I don’t actually like that word because it gives God a bad name. For the record, I was raised Methodist, then my Mom remarried a Baptist, Then as a teen I went to a Pentecostal church, then as a young adult a Nondenominational that was Charismatic (I think that is how you would put it) and I love them all, but they are not my religion. Each one has parts I love. But my religion, if anyone ask me, is JESUS. It is all about Him. What He did, why, what He made it possible for us to do. And even He weeps for and with us. Whatever burden we bare, He says to cast on Him. He says to call His Father our Father. He says to love one another. He says no greater love than to lay our life down for another. Can we not just hold our tongue back from lashing out a little bit and season our speech with the grace of our Lord? We can correct…but in love, and if we are not doing it in love, then what are we doing it in? 

My heart breaks for what is going on in the world. Jesus in us is the hope of Glory. Let Him shine. Love and bring comfort to those around you. Cry with others. Help others. Love others. rejoice and laugh with others. Think, “others”, and your life will be full. 

I pray every hurtful place in your heart is given the grace to cry and heal. Let it go. It is going to a safe place. A place where He knows, and He cares, and one day, He will wipe away every tear. My heart is with you. I know that journey of tears. And I know it will be OK. It will be OK. You will be OK. 

This painting was painted for the earthquake victims of Nepal. (selling today 7-5-15 for $31.95, prints also available for $5.95-$9.95) I have a ministry partner in Nepal named Evangelist Durbasha Luitel and a young student JFYPA has supported in studies and needs in Bryan’s honor. Both say the government is not getting help to the people in the remote areas and not very well in the main areas. They are hungry, and need food, water, blankets, help with roofs for their house with Monsoon season upon them. For some, there is no home anymore. The earthquake took it. If you would like to help, you can click on this link: (you can copy paste and share it, too) 

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Thank you so much! God bless you!
Love, Bryan’s Mom (Pam)

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