You are Loved!

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You are loved! My grand daughter was helping me wash Bryan’s hair the other day, Bryan is my bedridden son we take care of at home. Out of nowhere, she said, “God really loves you…cause you take such good care of Bryan. You are keeping him alive and He thanks you for that.” Tears! You know, I have some really hard days, and recently in my heart, without words, I had cried out to God for comfort. I love my son very much, but it is hard day in and day out. And as I said, I did not exactly put my heart cries into words, but God knew. I wanted to know he was proud of me. It would give me courage to keep going. So God sends my eight year old Grand Daughter to speak life and love to me, “You are loved!” is what was said in so many words!

She had no idea the impact her words had on my heart, or that God had even used her to deliver a healing message. So it is in all our lives. YOU ARE LOVED! God sees. He knows. He cares. We are not alone in our struggles. Out of the mouth of babes he will minister to you. Or through a sunset or a song. Even through a Facebook post! How many times someone has written something that hit the nail right on the head in my heart!

Sometimes, you are the one being used of God to deliver healing. If ever you feel led to lend an encouraging word, say what God nudged you to say. You have no idea the impact it will have on someones heart. God knows, and the person will find fuel of love to their bones to keep on going! I can live on months from that one little statement my Grand Daughter made. It went right to the heart of me.

God bless you whoever is reading this! Whatever you might be struggling with, a rough marriage, finances, parenting challenges (boy they are rough), or perhaps betrayal and discouragement. Hang in their beloved, you are not alone and God will see you to the end of it, to victory. Rest your heart in Him. You are loved!

I pray my art and stories are a blessing! I hope to start writing again and painting more. It has been a long season of not enough help to care for my son. I have been pretty exhausted. But, I have made it through my hard season and now press through all the more with prayers for my Son’s healing! I invite you to pray for a miracle for Bryan. Thank you so much for your prayers and compassion! God bless you!!! Again, “YOU ARE LOVED!”

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