Let your beauty shine! You little artist you!

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. Or in other words, your life is completely beautiful and wonderful with beauty God put on the inside. Only you have your gorgeous box of crayons that paint on the canvas of this world. Your art, expressions from your heart, paint God’s heart for His glory. Your life touches others. Shine what He put in you, it is not in anyone else. Your part matters! Paint away like a child. Don’t be afraid to shine. You know, a kid can draw one huge eye and a tiny one, but we get the picture and they are proud of it! It is the heart speaking that matters. Never worry if it is going to look good, or sound good, just share your heart and shine, little eyes, big eyes or three eyes! I shine the best way I know how, even when the devil tells me I am not shining very good! Because I want my heart to stay like a kid who does not care if one eye is bigger than the other! 

Daddy God is delighted in you shining what He put in you!!! Now go on and be an artist in your world. Color it with God’s love He put in you!!!  I am using an artist as an example for sharing your life because it is pure beauty God put in you that comes out. It might be in a song, or cooking a meal, or telling a story, or compassion helping someone cross the street. ….. and still, back to the art, give any kid a crayon and they know what to do with it. Remember not to doubt you, you are you and can do very well with the gifts inside you!!! Bloom where you are planted, color your world!

I color here, https://www.pamherrick.com/prophetic-art-gallery.html Sharing God’s love through art, in my little world of what He put in my crayon box! Please visit for inspirational stories and colorful art. I raise money for missions in my son’s honor. He was going to be a missionary but got hit by a car while walking, then ran over and dragged by a van. He survived but is hurt to badly to go on missions now. His story is here, www.pamherrick.com/inspirational-prophetic-art-and-story.html I hope it is a blessing! It was a hard story to share.

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I hope my art and stories are a blessing. To repeat myself, I shine the best way I know how, even when the devil tells me I am not shining very good! Because I want my heart to stay like a kid, who does not care if one eye is bigger than the other! I pray you be as a little kid, too, and see the Kingdom of God!

​Love Pam!

Thank you so much! Blessings!

Blog of prophetic art paintings and inspirational stories by Pam Herrick, artist at Just For You Prophetic Art.


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