Be Strong and Courageous!

I know life is hard sometimes. It overwhelms us. But our life is precious. It is the cares of the world and the attacks of the enemy that cause our feet to slip. God directs us to be strong and courageous. To the point, of, “having done all to stand.” I just have to share my testimony to give hope that you are stronger than you think. You are precious to the Lord. You know the enemy wants to harm you and often, that harm comes from the thoughts he manages to plant in your head. Pay sweet close attention to whose voice you hear. God says, “Be strong and courageous.” Take a breath… know you are not alone, and that what you face will not last forever. It might not even matter 10 minutes from now. Perhaps it might take until tomorrow to be better. Maybe even all week. But this too shall pass.

Or… it might be like a battle I face or other loved ones I have come to know with similar battles. Our loved ones fight for their lives every day with diseases, challenges, and overwhelming odds against them. It is hard to be in this kind of battle. It helps to remember not sweating the small stuff and things that won’t matter 10 minutes or a week from now. Always, our perspective rules our heart. Change your perspective, change your life. God’s perspective to uplift our heart, “Be strong and courageous!” because “The Lord your God is with you!” You are not alone. (Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous, Do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.) On our darkest day, even that will not be forever. To my friends fighting serious battles. I pray and believe for healing for all our loved ones. I humbly bow my heart to the Lord our God and admit I don’t understand, but the enemy is not going to rob me of my belief God is good and to press in for a miracle. And if we don’t get that miracle, life is still good, and one day, God will wipe away every tear. I have had a lot of tears. My heart is tender to the afflictions I see around me and mercy runs deep.

This is the love of God in His saints for one another. We are to be compassionate, it is His way. We need each other. We don’t have all the answers and we may not know what to say to one who is hurting. But mark my word, just knowing someone cares about you is all the difference in the world. It is a tangible feeling given by the saints of God of His love. We are His hands and feet. We help each other to be brave. to “be strong and courageous.”

Press on. Don’t give up. God is good. We may not have the answers, but I believe while we know not one thing of the reason for what we face, while we are attacked and tossed and living in a storm, the King of Peace beckons our heart to rest. He is on the throne and working on our behalf even if we don’t see it. I KNOW this. God’s love is my saving grace. God’s love is the only thing big enough for all the pain in the world. One day, if we don’t see our miracle here, we will be at peace in all things. In heaven, there will be no more tears.

Until that day, don’t crumble, don’t give up hope, don’t let go of God’s promises, press in, “be strong and courageous!” STAND! Press on. Take your land back. And when you are weak, God will be your strength. Fall in his arms until you are strengthened again.

Much love,
Bryan’s Mom (Pam)

If you have not read my testimony and Bryan’s story, I invite you to read it and hope it is an encouragement. I have been through many battles of my son fighting for his life after having been hit by two cars while walking. He was going to be a missionary and this happened just days after he got his passport. It is hard to even wrap your head around it, but I will rest my heart and stand and be courageous. And rest in God with all my hope. I pray my son is healed this side of heaven, but if not, one day for sure, he will be made whole, and so will my heart. And you, too my friend, will be made whole.

Here is Bryan’s story if you have not read it: I pray it is an encouragement.

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