Our God is an Awesome God!

I am posting Bryan’s painting, that I painted with love for him years ago! It’s title is Horse Of Hope. I am sharing to remember why I painted it in the first place! To be brave, to have courage, to hope and look forward! God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!

I am practicing using my words , words of LIFE, building myself up with the Holy Ghost, not using the enemy’s words to beat down my …oops, I was going to say, already tired spirit… see, I’m catching on quickly, lol! Praise the Lord!

Anyone having a hard time like me, just think build up… up, up, up! That’s the wisdom for getting out of this darkness. Words of life, love and encouragement. Please speak them to yourself! Catch yourself if you talk unkind to your own soul. God wants you to love yourself. He is for you! Amen!

I hope you like the painting. It’s beside Bryan’s bed where he can see it and I look at it while I am caring for him.

This pic here is a digital version of original. I made him a blanket from it! I love to wrap him in it!

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God bless!
Love, Pam and Bryan