Pray Big

Pray Big! Ever think all you have now is fruit of your prayers? Every victory from a prayer whispered? By pray big, I don’t mean harder, I mean think big! What do you need? A better marriage, a kinder spouse, more peace? Your own heart healed? Build it with God. His plans are good for you. Just take a minute and look at the things in your life that came from prayer. You just know it did. Well, don’t forget you are building tomorrow today with your prayers. And when thinking of prayer, think like this, talk with God all day, live a prayer, walk with Him. He so loves our company and to see our joy. If you don’t see what you think you want right away, know God is on the throne and working on your behalf according to His good will for your life, and your loved ones. He knows.

​Sometimes it may take a while to see a prayer come to pass, sometimes, God has better plans for you. Sometimes there is a lesson. All I know is, ever victory I see, I remember praying for it. And sometimes I ask God to show me His glory and say, please answer this prayer, just this one little thing, let me see you move on my behalf. And He does! He is just having mercy on my frailty because He knows the deep needs of my heart at that moment. He doesn’t have to show His hand for us to know He is there, but I love it when He does! Pray BIG! Don’t forget to build your life with God!

Prophetic Art butterfly painting by Pam Herrick, artist at Please visit for more colorful art and stories. And for even more art please visit my Pinterst page at

I pray God”s Kingdom come and will be done in your life, the best prayer of all, because His plans for you are good! God bless you!