His Joy Comes In The Morning

His Joy Comes In The Morning

Happy Birthday Bryan! It’s been a long time since I painted. So as a Birthday present, I’m going to paint again for him. The last Prophetic Art painting I did was The Dark Night Of My Soul. Hence the thought for this post, His Joy Comes In The Morning! I’ll post it as soon as I figure out how! In the meanwhile, thanks for all the prayers for Bryan! I have had a hard couple years. Long story. For now, I just want to share the joy of Bryan’s Birthday and my heart to paint for him again.


God has been stirring things in my heart that need to come out in a Prophetic Art painting! He meets us in those dark places we think we suffer alone in. But He is always there. And even though we know that, sometimes depression can be like a thousand billows of waves crushing your soul.

However, what promises we have in God, to wait on Him. His Joy Comes in the morning. Beauty for ashes. Calm in the storm. The battle is the Lord’s. Oh these words we hang on to! Our life preserver sometimes! I’m still struggling, but my hope is and will always be in the Lord! God is good and He will save us! Amen! And so, I shall try to paint this glorious Hope!

So much God has healed. Such a long time since my sons accident. I was so disheartened when my other website was hacked in to. I have not been able to recover it. Someone took my domain. It is like a large part of my heart was stolen that had been poured out for Bryan. Also something taken that was meant to be a blessing to others. It was just horrible they took that away.

It is time to rebuild! Time to paint Prophetic Art again and share God’s love and deep profound hope we have in Him! I still struggle with depression, but, as I caught myself humming to Bryan on his Birthday yesterday, Love Lifted Me, An old Hymn my Grandma used to sing, I was deeply comforted. His love lifts us! Amen! I hope you enjoy the Prophetic Art painting Dark Night Of My Soul. His Joy comes in the morning!

I’ll be posting more on https://www.facebook.com/Propheticartjustforyou

To hear more about the reason I paint, and my son who needs a miracle please see my about page at https://pamherrickpropheticart.com/inspirational-prophetic-art-and-story/

Prophetic Art moonlight seaside painting
His Joy Comes In The Morning
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Pam Herrick
Pam Herrick
10 days ago

Just figuring out my website. Somehow my blog page is set up where I can’t post on it. The post are made but do not show up there. Please bare with me as I figure it out. God bless. And, Happy Birthday Bryan!

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