Prophetic Art uplifts our heart! 

Prophetic Art uplifts our heart because it speaks God’s peace and hope to us. Like this painting of the Holy Spirit Symbol of a Dove surrounding and protecting our heart. Each person that sees it, God will talk to them through that piece of Art. God will speak to you through any art, actually, because He knows what you have need of when you look at it. With Prophetic Art, the artist at the time feels a painting from nudgings from the Holy Spirit. This painting may speak very loudly to some at that time. I believe God knew who needed to “hear” the message in the painting through their own eyes. And later, that very same painting will speak again differently to the same person or speak loudly again to others, because God deposited His Prophetic message in the painting. It speaks what He wants it to to the person seeing it. I love Prophetic Art for this reason.

Sometimes it is painted symbols, like A Dove, Bride of Christ, or Lion of Judah. Other times it is spiritual messages in random colors and shapes. Color is a powerful tool used to deliver a message, just like the colors used in flag worshiping and banners. I will make a post of the meaning of prophetic colors soon. A lot of people have asked for that, as well as what is Prophetic Art. Which is why I am sharing this post now.

I am am also sharing it to share my own struggles and how Prophetic Art helps me. I have been a little overwhelmed lately with family emergencies. I paint for peace and courage. God ministers to my heart through art and then uses that same art to minister to others what He knows they need. It blesses my heart so much to see this happen and His art come to life.

It helps me to see Prophetic Art, especially when my spirit is feeling attacked or low. I love to scroll through Facebook or Pinterest and see other people’s Prophetic Art. By the time I look at a few, I feel empowered by the Holy Ghost! I have more courage and peace than before I looked! Notice how you feel after looking at Prophetic Art and notice what God’s Spirit is saying to you. Listen to your art with your heart. Just let what you see sink in and comfort, empower or encourage you!

You can see more Prophetic Art on my Facebook page here, Propheticartjustforyou If you want to know when I post new art, just select get notifications from the like button on my page. For Pinterest, my boards are here, I pray my art is a blessing to you. If you have not read the story of why I paint, please checkout my testimony on my about page here,

Thanks for looking! God bless you!