The Lord is A Strong Tower!

The Lord is A Strong Tower!

The Lord is a Strong Tower

You know sometimes, life is just Rough! I haven’t had a bad day, or week, I’ve had a bad couple years. A bad decade actually, lol. I’ts been hard. Truly God has carried me. You have no idea how true! You know, my spirit can do this, my body has just become so tired. Ands it’s my own fault for not taking care of myself. But even if I did, I think it would still be tired. Most of you know I take care of Bryan, my bedridden son since May 23, 2009! I love this boy so much! But life is really hard. I mean really hard. Only someone who is a caretaker for years would understand. I hate that I’m so tired. And to reserve energy, I kind of shut down inside, I didn’t do anything I didn’t have to. Including painting. Which I love. But it’s work, lol! I stopped Facebook and Pinterest. I just didn’t have the emotional energy to get engaged.

I don’t know how I’m gonna fix this, BUT GOD! I can only look to Him and trust Him! I know one thing for sure, by turning in and not out to help others, my problems loom much bigger. I become a stingy soul. Holding on to what little energy I have. It’s not enough. I’ve dwindled and dwindled. To become protective, almost bitter. Except I know God would never let that happen to me. I have prayed that long before Bryan’s accident. I didn’t have the best upbringing or marriage, mother and husband both alchoholics. So by the grace of God, He held my hand through all that and blessed me with a Polly Anna mentality, lol. I love the good. I love good. I always try to see the good! The ugly is too bad to look at! It will swallow you up! I’m gonna be like Dory, just keep swimming swimming swimming! Please, you, too, grab on to the good! Find it, build it, see it. God is good!

I just need a little little bit of a miracle to shake off this depression that has settled on me. God is faithful. And I have to draw closer to Him! I feel like I do with some of my paintings, desperately reaching to touch His heart, to feel Him, to bring His Spirit to life for others to feel. To feel healing, refreshing, His life,His Joy. The opposite of a stingy soul! To be a bountiful soul! What a good prayer, Lord, help me be a bountiful soul! Amen to that!

So, I’ll write more soon. For now, I’m getting my bearings back. And. Please pray for me, especially my tired body. And my frustration that someone took my domain Just For You Prophetic Art (. com) it expired and I didn’t know it. Sadly a lot of my art is tied to that web address for when people click on it from Pinterest and the internet.

I’ve relaunched this website from JustForYouPropheticArt. C o m
to thankfully a lot of my art I put both names in SEO.
‘But I’m mad that someone took my domain. I’ll get over it…

Lord help me!

Many blessings and much love! Pam and Bryan!
He is doing well by the way!
​Thank you for your prayers!