There is a Power in your Praise!

Our praise releases power here in our earthly realm. There is something so pure in the trust of turning to our Lord in our times of trouble. We are acknowledging Him and His power to change our circumstances. Even when our praise amounts to just wanting to crumble in the arms of Jesus, we are acknowledging our trust in Him. Turning to God for help, is a form of praise. It is not to ignore our problems, but to know we are not alone in them. My prayers to all my brothers and sisters going through a hard time right now. God is on the throne and your trust and praise in Him is going to deliver you. You will go from glory to glory. You will become stronger each time!

​You can look back on what God delivered you from and give praise that will carry you through your current battle. It is the power of your own testimony to your own heart! Glory to God for His unfailing love for each of our hearts. I know there have been many of nights I just crumbled in the arms of Jesus, and that was my saving grace at the moment. Sometimes we are on the mountain top and sometimes we feel like we are crushed under it, but as long as we keep turning to God and put our eyes on Jesus and not the problem, we are going to be delivered! God bless!

Prophetic Art painting of angel entering the Presence of God, with holy burning glowing fire of the Holy Spirit. By Pam Herrick. Artist at

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