You are a Masterpiece

You are a Masterpiece

You are a Masterpiece!

This is my beloved Bryan, my reason to choose better health. What’s yours? You are a masterpiece! Maybe you forgot that. God woke me up the other night with this idea, WRITE A LOVE LETTER TO YOURSELF FROM GOD. Seriously! I had been praying about what to share to help those I invited on this journey with me to lose weight and better health. I know many are in a funk like I was and don’t know where to start to get out. A great starting point is your love letter! We beat ourselves up enough, we need love and encouragement. Sometimes our families around us don’t know how to be that encouragement. My family has been great to help me with this, but God knows things deeper than they do. I know how hard it is to get motivated to loose weight or to just eat healthy. Somewhere, somehow, we just have to find our boot straps and give a good pull up! I have found, without God, I can’t grab on to those stupid boot straps! Just venting, as this is not an easy process, it wasn’t for me anyway, and the words, “Just Do It” are not so easy to follow. God knows what will help you, so first and foremost, pray and ask for His help. I am sharing what God has shown me with hopes He can use it to give courage to someone else. 

Our heart is a big part of why, when, what and how we eat! So our heart is the first thing that needs healing. The food, once we make healthy adjustments, will do the healing to our bodies, because God put what our bodies need in the food. But our hearts, when beaten down, find it hard to make the right choices. Sometimes, honestly, to the point we don’t want to take care of our self, knowingly or unknowingly. 

So, back to the your love letter, write one as soon as possible. Take out a piece of paper and pen and get alone somewhere you will not be interrupted and you can pour your heart out to God. Talk to Him and tell him what has been on your mind and heart lately, what hurts. He knows everything, so don’t be shy, tell him like it really is. Cry, vent, yell, whatever you need to do, get it all out. This is for you, to get it out of your heart and out there in the open where God can help you deal with it. After you are all done, pouring your heart out. Take out your piece of paper. Pray to God and ask Him to write a love letter to you, pray you only hear His voice…begin to write…make sure in the right tense, start off with something like, “My beloved daughter, (or My son, ) so you remember you are writing as though God is talking to you. Only one thing to remember before you start writing, God is love. He is not going to judge you, just love, so start your writing remembering that. Listen to God’s heart for you and you will begin to hear more clearly. Make sure to write all you hear. Don’t hurry, if there is a pause, gently listen and write. 

Don’t read further than here. Go write the letter and then come back. 

No peeking past here!!!! lol. After you have written the letter, make sure you are alone, then read the letter back to yourself out loud. That letter is your bootstrap. God is going to help you! If you were waiting for a good day to start on a health journey to lose weight or to just be more healthy, today is a good day! 

Everyday, you can turn to Him for help. Talk to Him and get the pains you may have out, and listen to Him for love and healing. You matter, and your heart matters to Him. Your life matters to Him. 

We have to get our heart healing and look to Him to help us keep it healing. Then we can address how we look at food and what to eat or not to eat! Heart first!!!

God put beautiful food here on earth just for you! We can paint our bodies healthy, so to speak, from the inside out! We know we should eat better, but In our hustle and bustle world, we sometimes get so busy we end up grabbing food from a box, or as in my case, get so busy we forget to eat. Depression can also cause us to eat foods to help us feel better but they don’t help our health. We miss all the wonderful stuff God put in fruits and vegetables that will make us healthy. Some foods can even cure certain diseases. Certain types of food actually help us to lose weight. Think of food painting you beautiful from the inside out! Think of your Masterpiece! 

TODAY’S EASY TIP: Put Black Pepper on your food! Did you know it helps with your digestion? Not only that, it helps you with weight loss. It has a substance called Piperine that can stop the formation of new fat cells. Plus Black Pepper has antibacterial and and antioxidant effects, and even helps with gas! Shake on that pepper, it’s healthy!!!!

If you missed last blog’s tip, take a peek. Each blog I will be sharing one or more tips that help health and/or weight loss. I hope this was a help to someone one! I am going to keep sharing with you until I have lost the 50 lbs. I have to lose! For more tips you can also checkout my Pinterest health board. I will be sharing some of them here soon, I have lots there on Pinterest, but have not researched them all. I will only be sharing stuff here on my blog that I know works.  Here is Pinterest link, just find the health board. There are also neat art and recipe boards if you are interested. 

I would love to hear how you are doing and how your love letter from God touched your heart, if you would like to share. 

Painting/picture on this post is my Beloved Son Bryan. He is my reason for wanting to take care of my health. He needs me. You can read his story here, That is a plate of my food (eggs, avacodos, tomatoes and onions) I sat on his tummy. I feed him like this to keep him healthy, but would forget to feed myself! He eats really well! I have to puree it up to put in his tummy tube. The doctors said I couldn’t. It was too hard and too much work. And I would not know what to feed him. I have fed my boy all my life, I know how to feed my kid, just as you know how to feed yours! And on that note, my son has not been to the hospital even once since since around 2010 when he got aspiration pneumonia from chocking on the formula the doctors wanted him to have. He gets all real food now, there is no chocking on formula any more (that used to happen when he was on a feeding pump with formula). Patients in Bryan’s condition have multiple hospital visits all the time, I think if they ate real food they would do better! With that said, FOOD MATTERS! And for us, it matters! Eat as healthy as you can!!!

God bless you!!!! 
Bryan’s Mom (Pam)