Part 4: You are loved! You are not what others think you are, you are what GOD KNOWS you are!

No kid should live in shame or rejection. No person at all should be. Bryan’s life was hard. He struggled at school because he had ADD. Some did not understand and gave him a really hard time. He was made to feel very poorly about himself. …this kid decided to go back to school to get his GED, rode 12 miles on his bicycle to do it. Gets his GED, decides to go on to college, rides his bicycle now 14 miles a day, in the winter of Pennsylvania! And then because of his disability…struggled with the classes. But he kept going, he kept trying. He failed a class that made all his efforts go down the drain and have to do it all over again. And once again after all that hard work…he was crushed. This kid is amazing! He went for it, I was so proud. And yet he felt like a failure. This is where society beat him down. I talked with Bryan about WHO he was as a person. That I was proud of who he was! My heart absolutely breaks for the down trodden. God is full of compassion for them. He wants us to love them, for Him. 

When he told me he failed the class he was crying the kind of tears that just spill out all over the place. I hurt for him. He had tried so hard. And he was so ashamed, saying just look at me. BUT GOD…HE came in and saved the day! You know why? Because people showed love to that boy! Momma heart showed love to that boy! AND God healed his heart. As parents we can speak life and good things into our kids. I told him he was good, he was kind. But the enemy would like to hurt us all and drag us down. LOVE WILL HEAL THAT. One small act of kindness/love can set a captive free. In a little bit, I’m going to share a message Bryan gave about that, about love. 

You remember that kid Bryan gave the Bible to? (Read in part 2). that kid said, “no one wants me, look at me” and Bryan said, “look at me!” And shared God was not looking on the outside, He was looking on the inside…and He loves you, He even likes you! Bryan had learned that through his pain, not only from struggles in school, but normal life battles. Because he learned of love. And on that day, when Bryan saw the pain in this kids eyes, Bryan reaches out with love to that boy! God waste nothing! Bryan’s pain was healed by God and out of that place of defeat and shame he had experienced, Bryan had compassion to pain he saw around. He knew what it felt like. I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be rejected. (Remember my story in part one?) 

I’m sharing this because it was hard to see my son hurt. If anyone reading this is hurting, feeling rejected, not good enough, not fitting in…you are loved, I love you! God loves you! What is important is not your station in life or the car you drive or how many friends you have. What is important is that God made you, He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. Every thing about you is special. That is not just a saying. God celebrates you. I celebrate each and everyone of you and every human being I see, because God made them and loves them! 

I feel for those beat down. Who feel like a failure, an outcast. Like they are not good as everyone else. It is not true. It is a devaluing lie from that devil. He uses people to hurt people….God steps in and uses people to love and heal. Please remember the heart before you, that may cross your path, may be in need of one small act of love. You don’t tell them roughly, you are going to hell, get right with God now….you love them because God does. That love is real, that love will draw them to Jesus. Religion stinks and it’s mean. It lacks love. We stick with the two greatest commandments, we are going to do great things for God. And, when you think about it, isn’t that easier than worrying about crossing all your T’s and dotting all your I’s? That gives God glory. When we are so proud of ourself we got all “our” T’s crossed, and “our” I’s dotted, we tend to look down on others that don’t. God is not looking down on any of us. He says in Romans 3:23 we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, that salvation is a GIFT, so men don’t boast like they earned it or something. And here’s the thing, God is not going to take back your gift….it’s not like you suddenly got saved and got it all right! We still need our savior. We still mess up. It is your heart God is looking at and caring about. Just love, and throw away any condemnation you may have in your own heart, Jesus paid for that, for you, forever! It is the GOOD NEWS! The Gospel of Jesus Christ. And ANYONE that calls on The Lord, will be saved. Born again into God’s family. Needing love just as much after that, being encouraged. We should never judge, but love. 

I have wanted to share more of what God had put on Bryan’s heart about LOVE. He had a lifetime of pain healed just prior to that horrible day. And as a Mom I have thanked God often that Bryan had been given grace to deal with his battles, with his addictions of the past, with his pain. Joy had found it’s way into his heart. And he was contagious with it! Just ask anyone that knew him! His healing had been a slow process. It broke my heart to watch. But caused greater love and more prayer. I think when the healing is slow, we are given an element of authority, courage and boldness to speak, literally testify of what God has done, and that very testimony breaks chains off people who are bound. Because God is In it! They feel it. It is real. And that my friends is one of the main things on Bryan’s heart. It is called compassion. It is called loving others. He shared one time at church this scripture and got so choked up he could barely speak, he was in tears…as many of us were. When you see God move on someone, your heart is stirred with the very thing they are feeling. It’s why our tears pop right out sometimes streaming down our face…compassion just wells up. WE SEE GOD, WE FEEL GOD, WE KNOW HE IS THERE! WE LOVE! This is the scripture he shared…in God’s own words, EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN THIS. The Greatest Commandment, Mark 12:30-31 AND YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.’ 31″The second is this, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” 

So Bryan shares that word saying everyone has the love God part down pretty well, and this is where he got choked up….I’m crying again…because I REMEMBER. I knew his battles, and I knew the cost to him to love….it was real to him! God helped him be brave that day and share his heart. God’s anointing was on His Word and God’s anointing was on his servant. You step out and love for God, His anointing is on that. YOU ARE THE HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS. Somewhere a hurting soul needs you. You may have been through the very battle they need to win and the anointing on your life can take them through it…it is God on you, in you and through you! They need your love. Please don’t turn away. Touch a life for God, LOVE like He intended. 

Religion is not needed. PEOPLE DON’T NEED TO BE TOLD HOW TO LIVE RIGHT (that’s the Holy Spirit’s job and He does it very well, and in love) PEOPLE NEED TO BE LOVED, especially the broken, the wounded, the outcast, the forgotten, the abandoned, the stricken ….THEY ARE VERY CLOSE TO GOD’S HEART. 

With that said, because God loves us with a perfect love, no condemnation to us for not loving perfect…He just calls you to love, so He can love others through you. We live from GRACE TO GRACE. We miss the mark, we try again. Sometimes the hardest battle in loving is our own family, but that is right where He wants you to start. Remember when you are loving, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS HARD TO DO, It is a testimony that GOD IS THERE, that He is real and that He LOVES. You are making a choice that HIS 
KINGDOM COME and HIS WILL BE DONE every time you love!!! WE need each other. The world needs to see Jesus. They see Him in you and they need love. GOD IS REALLY BIG ON THE LOVE THING! OK, I’ll write more later. REMEMBER, I SALE ART ON MY ART PAGE TO SUPPORT MISSIONS IN BRYAN’S HONOR. Thank you so much for your love and support! AND TODAY, THANK YOU FOR CELEBRATING HIS BIRTHDAY WITH US!!! To follow me on Facebook to know when I post new Art or stories, Please click like on my page and then select get notifications. Thank you so much! God bless! 

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Part 3: God hears you! Don't give up!

More of God’s grace. Bryan got in a lot of trouble…he had an ADD thing going on…poor decisions sometimes! So Bryan up and thinks it would be fun to drive through town and shoot houses with a paint gun! And mail boxes and trees and who knows what else he hit! Trouble… Eye-roll…he gets arrested. He had also gotten in trouble for underage drinking (drinking pains away). And driving without a license… He goes to jail. I’m devastated. That word does not come close to what I feel, heart ripped out is closer! I had a missions trip to Honduras planned. My kid is stuck in jail and it is hard for him to sit in a chair for 3 minutes! I couldn’t even see him before I left because he was in transition to a facility. I am notified that for him to listen to tv, he needs to buy headphones. And that the toiletries…aren’t good. I go to leave money because I love him and I know it is going to be a long 30 days. Only they won’t accept it, I have to mail it per their policy. I mail it. A hundred dollars. I knew it would be enough.

I go on to Honduras, letting God comfort my heart that Bryan is going to be OK and no one is going to hurt him. I met Edwin Villafranca on that trip. One of the missions I now support. More on that before the end of the book. It is where Bryan was going to go right before his accident. Anyway, I get home and find Bryan never got the money! I assured him I sent it. I was in Honduras for 10 days and it upset me to think my Son was there all alone, waiting for money I told him I was sending. I did not want him to feel unloved or cared about! He got of jail 30 days later and soon thereafter a letter comes to the house stamped “sorry, we could not deliver it, no Bryan Herrick at this address”…really?! He was there, for sure.

It was not long after that that Bryan shared his pain with me that he did not know if there was a God. He had had some troubles with his dad, heart wounded kind and other stuff that hurt. (God healed their relationship before accident!) He had prayed and prayed and nothing happened so it made him question if there was a God. As he spoke, I remembered sending him that money and him not getting it. A God thing to remember that.

I asked Bryan, “do you remember when I sent you that money in jail but you never got it,” to which he said, “yeah.” And I told him you know how much I love you right? He said yeah. And I told him I would do anything in the world for him. I made it a point to say I was REAL, I WAS HERE, I LOVED HIM AND I SENT WHAT HE NEEDED! He started to understand where I was going.

I told him God heard his prayers. God has always been moving on his behalf. Moving on hearts to listen. But people don’t always listen right away. But rest assured, God heard you. He is there, HE IS REAL! Just like the mail got hung up because the postal service just did not do their job right, sometimes our prayers get hung up a little because someone has not moved on what He has spoken in their hearts. He does not force a person’s will, but He will keep talking to them. He gives grace to them, just like you. Something in that story put a part of Bryan’s hurt to rest. I pray you know GOD is REAL. DON’T GIVE UP HOPE. God has heard your prayers and moved on your behalf. Be of good cheer. Be at peace.

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